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About Alambé

Alambé Finest Vietnamese Coffee is before all an association of
three people: Alex, Pham Hiep, and Bernadette.

"We want to show that Vietnamese
can be as good, if not better,
than the rest of the world."

Everyone wonders what they want to achieve in life, what they want to do, and what passion they have.

This goal is what we strive for, during our lifetimes, and 30 years ago... I stumbled upon an opportunity that led me to understand who I am and what is my true passion.

Since then, I’ve been picking and roasting coffee for more than 10,000 days of my life. Along the way, many farmers and workers were willing to help me hone the skill of picking the finest coffee beans.

Day after day in the coffee industry, it has become my duty to deliver the best coffee beans to all you coffee lovers!

I also had chances to work with some of the world coffee brands, being with them on the work of selection of many amazing coffee beans manually. With all those supply they’ve created many remarkable and impressive coffee drinks to people, from continent to continent!

Having had nearly 30 years of experience in the coffee beans business, especially in Vietnam, the World’s Second largest Coffee producer. It has been a very interesting journey pursuing a passion of his life, Hiep Pham will bring a unique taste to all of the coffee lovers in PEI and Canada!

Our Values

Benefiting from the experience of our team, we select Vietnam's highest quality
Arabica and Robusta beans and roast them in small batches to perfection all the while supporting
dedicated farmers in their efforts to engage in honest and respectable farming practices.

Our Vision

By showing that Vietnamese coffee can
compete with the best Arabica and Robusta
beans worldwide, it is our hope that one day,
Vietnamese coffee bean will become a
reference in terms of quality all over the world.